White Zinfandel is a biannual concept magazine devoted to the visual manifestation of food and culture, produced by W/— Project Space in collaboration with Leong Leong Architecture.

Issue 1 is an homage to the restaurant Food, founded by Gordon Matta Clark, Caroline Goodden, and Tira Girouard in 1971. Dishes from the restaurant menu were assigned to the contributing artists and writers, who submitted work in response. The launch of each issue, which is a limited edition of 500, is accompanied by a private dinner for the contributors and a variety of other creative figures.

I have been a contributing editor since Issue 2, which takes TV dinners as its theme. It features my text "Freezer Queen," about my fixation on earthquakes when I was living in Tokyo.

The meal for Issue 2 was held on Sunday, January 15 at Manhattan's Jack Hanley Gallery, with a TV dinner-inspired menu designed by chef Brad McDonald, from Brooklyn's Colonie restaurant. Art-and-design collective Project 8 created a limited edition of 80 plates shaped like TV dinner trays, and the menu was printed on the accompanying napkins.